To all of our Premier Friends, Guests, and Patrons over the years,
For thirty-six years we have met so many of you and have built great relationships. We treasure them all so very much……’s at a time like this that we realize how valuable those bonds are as we dig ourselves out from under the ruble to begin once again moving forward. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during this staggeringly difficult time and know we will be up and running again sometime in the future, but we have no way of knowing what kind of timeline we are looking at.  We have never had anything of this magnitude happen to us before, but we are capable and resilient and in time we will shine once again.  
As of now, we aren’t even sure if we have learned all the devastation that has happened to us. For those of you who have been with us for some time, you know we’re here for you as usual and, as with the Pandemic, we will work thru things a day at a time until we have met all the requirements, we have of ourselves to be here for you when you come to Pt. Santo to enjoy your time away from home. For those of you new to Premier Properties, we guarantee you that you will have your money refunded or rolled over for another stay or whatever works for you in the future. We strive to assure all our visitors that they will be glad they came to our little bit of paradise as they return year after year. We have always aimed to please and it’s no different now…….just a bit more difficult to get to that point.
Of course, our office is now closed as we have no way of accessing the island at this time. It’s completely dangerous to attempt to go to the island now. Some people are attempting to get there by boat but most of the local boat owners have severely damaged boats. The Army Corps of Engineers is working on the causeway bridges which were destroyed during the storm. We are anxious to be able to drive to the island to recover files and other important documents. We also have marshal law with curfews as there have been looters caught already. A really big plus this week has been that the grocery store opened again, and some of the intersections have stop lights working once again.
Everything is going very slow but somehow, some way, we will be operating again. Some of us have lost loved ones and the insurmountable task of even locating our loved ones has been mind boggling. Things aren’t easy but we will keep moving forward one day at a time.
We ask for your patience and understanding on this journey. Our office manager is now able to work from home. Her power and internet have finally been restored! Lee is trying to answer the many emails as quickly as possible. If you have reservations, deposits or paid vacations, we will get to these things as we can…..we’ve just slowed down a lot. If you have purchased travel insurance, please file a claim with the insurance company and notify us that you have done so. If they need documentation, we will try to supply it as soon as possible. Premier Properties has an outstanding reputation in guest services, and it isn’t going to change now. Our response time will be delayed but you will be happy in the end.
We thank you for your understanding.
The Premier Staff
Premier Sanibel

General Information

• NO CHARGE FOR EXTRA PERSONS, provided you do not exceed the unit maximum occupancy.
• Taxes are not included in rates shown above.
• An advanced deposit equal to 20% of the cost of lodging is required on all reservations and is due 7
days from date of reservation to confirm reservation. Final payment is due 30 days prior to arrival.
• 30 day cancellation notice is required for a refund. A $50.00 administration fee will be charged on all cancellations.
• Reservations made within 30 days of a stay require full payment.

Please note that during the months of August, September and October the condominium association and/or individual owners may be engaging in repairs or remodeling of the property and/or individual units. This may cause noise at times on the property. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please call our office for additional information regarding these matters. 1-239-472-9100 or 1-800-824-5442.